Danielle Taylor makes her marc through Yolo.

Our Grant Winner

Danielle makes her "Marc" through YOLO, that makes a difference in the lives of sick children and their families in local communities who are suffering from adversity & trying to overcome life changing circumstances.

What We Do

#MAKEYOURMARC is about celebrating and supporting exceptional women who are making their “marc” in the world. We support women who are making a difference by giving them up to $5,000 to support their cause and help further their mission. Know someone who is dedicated to helping others? Passionate about marking change?

Grant Winners

Danielle Taylor.
I believe things continue to improve for women especially as positive female role models lead the charge and inspire.
It is such a blessing to use my experience to walk through life with people that are going through this struggle.
Threads for Teens was not necessarily about making my mark, but rather continuing to incorporate giving into my life.
I felt I had a responsibility to help younger women discover their self-loving life.
You can talk about the problems in this world on Facebook, or you can step out in confidence and change the world!
My hope is that women will feel inspired and fearless to follow their passion that lies in their heart.
Be bold, trust yourself, find what you're passionate about and stick with it. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged by others.
Progress is incremental, scientific success is a team sport, and breakthroughs require sweat and luck in equal measure.
You’ve got to take ownership. I discovered that the more willing I was to simply commit to the role, the easier it became to lead.
Be fearless. You would be amazed what 30 seconds of fearlessness can unlock for you.
Stay committed to your work, and your passion it will require patience and faith.

I Want To Make More Than Beautiful Shoes. I Want To Make A Marc...

I started #MAKEYOURMARC to align my passion for shoes with the greater purpose of celebrating and supporting women who make a difference. These women have always inspired the shoes I make and I'm delighted to recognize their incredible achievements and give them financial support to continue their exceptional work. Nominate someone you know who’s actively making a difference and #MAKEYOURMARC.

Marc Fisher